How We Whiten Our Teeth At Home - Stained Veneers & All

There are many ways to whiten teeth and I personally have tried a variety and experimented with DIYs but I didn't get the results to remove stains from my two front veneers and the back of my teeth.

I had an accident as a kid that led to breaking most of my two front tooth out. My mom didn't like that I was a tomboy since I always end of with cuts and bruises playing sports and being a dare devil. Long story short, it was snowing and the boys from my neighborhood and I decided to go sledding. I was on top of a snow hill being a goofball, and I was not paying attention to a sled being thrown up the hill. Yep, I was the one that had to get smack right in my face with a sled and knocked my two front tooth!

It was embarrassing attending middle school for months with missing front teeth. Some of my friends thought maybe "this girl" is still losing her baby teeth. It is funny when I think about it now. My parents couldn't afford to fix them right away. Once I had my spanking new veneers on, I was happy until that began to yellow over the years.

Also, I have a overbite so drugstore trays did not fit my teeth. 

Yes, I have used plenty of Crest Whitening strips! They were okay in whitening my front "natural" teeth.  The film strips did not cover all of my teeth in the back so that stayed yellow, and it had no effect on on my crowns and veneers until Smile Brilliant came into our lives!


DIY Chic Display Box

I'm in a decorating mood so you will see plenty of home decor projects. First, my focus will be my beauty/office/closet/craft room. Yes, it's my studio and will be a challenge to jam pack everything into one space. Wish me luck!

I recently picked up my must-have Kate Spade charm bracelet that I have been wearing a lot. It's adorable!

Anyways, I wanted to display all of my trinkets and new accessories in a simple and elegant way. I was inspired by Crate and Barrel's Clarus Large Brass Display Boxes and thought I could easily make a variety of sizes for less. It's gorgeous, don't you think?

My Version: $25

Inspired: $129

Let's Make!


My Current Apps & $150 H&M The Hunt Giveaway

Last week, I decided to get new phones for my family and took a plunge into the "dark side" aka Android world with a Samsung Note 3. Don't get me wrong, I have been an iPhone user since the first iPhone was release back in the day. Since I'm on this phone topic today, my YouTube Beauties had questions on which App I have been using lately? Here's my answer!

One of the App that I have been obsessed over in helping me find things and answer some style tips is called The Hunt. It's a free to download on iTunes. I hope this app will be available on Play Store soon.

The Hunt reminds me of Pinterest with live updates of what's in trend from hairstyles, clothing, and even decorating ideas by hunting down our favorites, and get notified when hot items have been found. If you do check this App, The Hunt is giving one of my subscribers a $150 gift card to H&M!


How-To Dye/Color Hair at Home

Need a makeover or some retail therapy? Vidal Sassoon Pro Series is giving the chance for one winner to travel to London with a $4,000 shopping spree. Also, five finalists will receive a customized makeover! They are looking for ladies to show their recent bold change in their life from makeup look, style, and events.

Enter on Vidal Sassoon's Facebook and submit your photo with #colormebold: https://apps.facebook.com/colormebold (Contest ends THIS FRIDAY on March 14, 2014)

I decided to take the bold challenge to change my hair from my signature highlights to a bright deep purple hair color using Vidal Sassoon Pro Series color in London Lilac. I'm so digging my new hair!
Get it here: http://www.vidalsassoon.com/en-US/permanent-color