On The Haul: SexyDresses.com, L'Occitane, Sheinisde... etc

Hi Beauties,

I bought a new camera lens and microphone! I had test these babies out by filming a talking video to see how it looks. Let me know what you think of the sound and video quality? Today's video is about new things I discovered and announcements.

Watch here:

L'occitane just release their new fragrance called Neroli and Orchid Eau De Toilette! I think it will be a great gift for Mother's Day coming up. It is becoming my current favorite fragrance with a blend of floral, citrus and sophistication. This is a huge complement coming from me because I rarely purchase any since make my own perfume.

As for the L'occitane newest fragrance, I'm not sure how I can recreate this beautiful scent. For now, I would have to get back-ups. It's smells divine! If you are wondering what Neroli and Orchid Eau De Toilette smells like, pick up your complimentary sample here or at your local L'Occitane boutique from April 16 to May 11, 2014 while supplies last!

Retail Therapy Discount 

If you are obsessed over monogram jewelry or looking for a dress to wear out, try Onecklace.com
and SexyDresses.com save some money!

Don't forget to share and comment your favorite dress on SexyDresses.Com website. What should I wear for my next date night with Christian. Help me!

If you are looking for something sassy, use this 10% off code: MKYT-2729A before checking out on SexyDresses.com

My Picks:

These are the four I ordered with the discount code. I picked a size small and it fit like a glove! The quality of the dresses are great with fast shipment.  I was surprised the seams and zippers were sewn well since most of their dresses are affordable. My favorite are the body-con dresses.

For monogram jewelry, get 10% Off Monogram Jewelry www.onecklace.com - Use Code: BeautySplurge. No, I don't not get paid for this. 

It took over a week to arrive which isn't a long wait. The jewelry came in cute gift bags and jewelry boxes. Onecklace carry a variety of monogram styles from earrings, bracelets, rings, to necklaces. I was happy the prices isn't extremely pricey since I will be ordering some more different styles.

My Picks:

Which one is your must-have?


  1. What is the length of your inital necklace (#3)? I adore it I want to get one

  2. Hey, L

    I just love that you are all about do it yourself projects, however what I love the most is that you prefer all natural products. Trust me when I say that I learned first hand the dangers of toxic nail polish. One of my favorite brand is Korea 's Skin Food.

    Anywho, I believe that your video quality has always been up to par, don't really see any difference.

    I would like to start a YouTube channel however I have been putting it off because I'm a perfectionist. Almost OCD.

    Any advice?


  3. The video pictures quality is not as vibrant as your older ones. The sound is great. I love the pink dusty dress, but $109 is too expensive.

  4. The sound and video quality is great!

  5. Hey Lisa the quality on your video is great. I was wondering if the camera and mic you use would be good for a singers channel? I was thinking of starting one this year but a lot of things came before it. Anyway you have inspired me to start one. Please let me know what you think about it. :) thanks


  6. I loved the dresses my favorite is number four. :D You have great taste! I always end up loving the online stores you reccomend. So, I would like to thank you and recommend one for you! :) Check out modernego. They have a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories I think you would love! To get 10% off your first purchase click here
    --------> http://www.modernego.com?r=2082
    :) Go check it out. If you end up loving it you can share the link with others.

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