Easy Hollywood Vanity Light Mirror

If you have been shopping around for the perfect vanity light mirror but literally frown at the price tag? Yes, I have and saved up for one years ago. I personally own that expensive but awesome Hollywood Girl Vanity Broadway Mirror  you have seen all over YouTube! I will place it in the guest room for now because it's too heavy to be on top of a glass shelf.

I needed a change because my new room didn't have a lot of space and I wanted a new look while figuring out my storage solution of my makeup and hair products. I went to my local hardware store. Lowes, and discover I could make me own for cheap!!!!! I love it and I can always change up the lighting style or mirror anytime without going broke or damaging the walls. This is an awesome solution for anyone on a budget or want to create a unique vanity light mirror to their taste.

This tutorial will show you how to convert a vanity light bar into a plug to be accessible for everyone's desire and needs without drilling holes into the wall or be a electrician genius.

All bare in my Ikea Pax wardrobe system:

In the process of building:

After decorating a little:

Materials needed:


♥Vanity Light Bar Selection: http://low.es/TX9MEI
$10 X 2 - I used two 3-Light Chrome Vanity Light Bar: http://low.es/1jwUnzz
6-Light Chrome Vanity Light Bar: http://amzn.to/1kOh5YO

♥$8x 2 - I used  two packs of GE 60 Watt Incandescent Globe Light Bulbs: http://low.es/1o0vJvk
(Look for globe light bulbs and avoid soft white light bulbs because it produces a yellow glow. Not ideal for doing make-up.)

♥Frameless Mirror Selection: http://low.es/1lUno9Y
$20 -I  used a 30 inch x 24 inch Mirror: http://low.es/1hgRDfx

♥Installed mirror with frameless mirror plastic clips on side and bottom edge of the mirror. I screwed the plastic clips into the wall: http://bit.ly/1tvJumC. I haven't tried the command strips for the mirror but I think it would work if you use a lot of them to hold it up since the mirror is really heavy. 


♥Extension Cord: http://low.es/SUH1b3
$4 x 2 - I used a 15 inch cord: http://low.es/1kqHa0i

♥$4 x 2 - I used 6 packs of Command Large Picture Hanging Strips: http://amzn.to/1tr2hQO
(1 pack per vanity light bar)

♥Outlet Adapter to connect two or more vanity lights to wireless remote: http://low.es/1oyr7QI
$4 - I used a triple 3-wire adapter: http://low.es/1nxISQL

♥$19 - Remote Lamp Control: http://low.es/1hCmuOi

Watch how easy and quick to update your vanity:


  1. Heyy lisa I loved your vanity and may I know where is your necklace from in the video its pretty♡

    1. Thanks =) I bought it last summer on Jewelmint.com. I'm not sure if they carry it anymore.

  2. Hi Lisa. I love this idea. Ive been wanting a vanity for a long time. This makes it look like i can actually get one! How did you get the second light bar to light up? I do not see an extension cord attached to it.

    1. In the video, I mentioned at the end that you can wrap it around the mirror. I stuffed my cord behind and around the mirror and down the vanity shelf. You can move the extension cord of the vanity bar to the side connecting the frameless mirror.

  3. Hey Lisa, where did you get the acrylic organizers you keep your mac compacts in? I've been looking for something like that for the longest time!

  4. love the idea and I started doing the same thing but am stuck on the 3rd wire. In the YouTube it looks like you capped off the 3rd wire as well. The copper wire. Did you or did you just leave it alone and wrap it around the other cords?

  5. hi lisa , i love this vanity. did you put those shelves inside the wardrobe or did the whole thing come like that? and where did you get everything

  6. What did you use to attach the mirror to the wall ?

  7. Is this safe to do?? Is it possible to get Vanity light bars that already plug into the wall?

  8. Hey Lisa I love love love your idea ! I was wondering where you got your desk from !?

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