Midas Touch Jewelry Holder Update

Hey, I have another on display for jewelry. It's not my most innovative idea but it's a quickie. I was at my local Michael's craft store and picked up a few jewelry storage for my closet because there was a 30% off sale. I couldn't resist a great deal and not spending hours making something to store my jewelry.


My Life with Science, Beauty & Mom

I had an amazing opportunity to tell the next generation of girls how important education is to me. Verizon wants to encourage girls in studying science, technology, engineering, and math because there is less than 25% of women in these career fields.

I am so excited to share this video with you and my story how I ended up from studying pharmacy to making cosmetics on YouTube.


DIY AM & PM Eye Cream

Have fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin around your eyes? Try my day and night recipe to diminish those problems. This is also a great to slow down aging. It's never to late to start.

Side note, there is a misconception that only a certain age should use eye cream. Let me bust that myth! Skin care is based on skin issues and concerns, not by our age. Why so? We have different lifestyles, diets and skin types so one person may not need this while others do at any age.

I am surprised that most brands at store do not contain any SPF. We all know that too much sun exposure over time cause us to age faster and risk of skin cancer. I decided to make to formulas. This one is a day cream that moisturize all day without the greasy feel with protection from the sun.

Day Eye Cream

What I use to make eye cream every 6 months. You can always skip a ingredient if you don't have that concern. Also, make sure to do a skin patch test to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients. If you are, please do not use it or use an alternative. I do make a few suggestions just in case. 


DIY EYE GEL: Get RID of Dark Circles+Puffy Eyes & How-To Apply

Finally, a skincare video! I am putting all that pharmacy schooling to good use. It took me over a year to test and tweak my recipe until I know it works. This is comparable to store bought without the  extra ingredients that can harm and/or Irritate us! 

Pesky under eye bags and dark circles go away! Anyone can use this if they have these skin problems. Skin care should not be based on age since we have different issues and skin type. 

After using my DIY eye gel, I see my dark circles and puffy eyes starting to disappear in minutes! Woot Woot! The recipe is down below and it last me about 3 months. Refrigerate if use pure aloe vera gel and for best results! 

How I Store Belts, Bags, & Jewelry Haul

I picked some new accessories recently and thought I will give you an idea on how I store my new goodies. Right now, BabbleBar is having a 20% off Sale on first order with coupon code: lisapullano. Thought I will share that with you and this awesome holder for belts, scarves, jewelry, and handbags.

Yep, this is what I use to organize accessories on my Ikea Stolmen Closet Rod:

DIY Accessory Holder for belts, jewelry, bags, and scarves:
- Shower Hooks from Target: http://amzn.to/1kZ052E
- Shower Rings: http://amzn.to/1nhgLQW

More details here:


DIY Studded & Pom Pom Pin Cork Boards

I needed to organize my life and decided over the weekend to make pin boards. I am a visual person and this ended up being the best thing I could have done for myself. I am able to manage my task and jot down ideas post in the future. I also made an inspiration board for favorite looks to attempt and print out photos of my subbie's recreation of my tutorials. If you get crafty with any of my tutorials, tag me with #lisapullanodiy on instagram. I love to see more!

P.S. I also made a pastel star garland for the festive holiday coming up inspired form so many Pinterest on paint chip garlands=) Happy Early July fourth everyone and enjoy this video!

Materials used:


Bare Walls? DIY Easy Print Art

My walls and shelves are feeling naked lately. I needed to dress my home up with wall art and thought I could print some fun images to display. It's an easy project that can be done in minutes!


Netflix for Fashion with LE TOTE

I couldn't wait for my new monthly fashion subscription to arrive! You can get $10 off on a box full of goodies to style with using code: SUMMERSTYLE2

My Le Tote arrived in two days and I posted a look yesterday because I was ecstatic to try some new brands to see how well the quality and fit was on me. Hit or Miss? Follow me on instagram @lisapullano.

Here are my thoughts on Le Tote:

Disclaimer: This is me. Real and honest review on my boutique box month picks. No fluff and sparkles required. I love to haul!