♡My Makeup Tour & Storage Ideas♡

After months of planning and building my beauty area, I want to share ideas of how OCD I am when it comes to organizing! This concept layout is completely different from my past vanity tours. [Watch here]

Check out my room tours before and after moving:

We moved as you can tell it's a difference space!!!! This guest bedroom were built with angle walls. This made the room look even smaller than our old home. I do miss the extra square footage but I didn't give up hope. My goal was to cram everything into one room and have space for me to create blogs and videos for my beauties. I hope these ideas will solve your tight space issues!

View of the left side of my beauty, craft, office, and closet room. It's a mouthful to say.

Let's begin! I focused on how I can use these angle walls to my advantage without feeling clusterphobic. On the left side of my vanity, I kept it simple with this side so I can pretty up my nails. I called this my nail station!

1. Angle Ceiling Solutions:

From Ikea, I used these two Alex drawer units to store my crafting and nail art supplies. Many people use it to store makeup.

When I'm painting my nails, I use the drawer's top as a table while I can sit on my comfy adorable ottoman.

With my growing collections, I spray painted these paper mache round boxes. If you need a bright magnify mirror, try this one! I bought this SimpleHuman sensor mirror as a present to myself. It's great for close up makeup application and tweezing. It's a splurge but I like that I can recharge it anytime for decades.... hopefully. 

On Pinterest, I decided to use the idea of picture ledges to store my craft paints and nail polishes. You can get from Target, Amazon or Ikea. Ikea comes in two sizes in black or white from $9.99 to $14.99.

Picture ledge can hold two rows of polishes and craft paints. I order the shorter ledges in 21 3/4". 

On top of my vanity, I like to display my favorite lip products and candle of the moment. 

On the left side of my vanity contains some of my crafting supplies and where I film most of my recent DIYs. I will show you more in my room tour soon. This post is dedicated to makeup storage ideas.

I took advantage of the unique angles by installing an Ekby Jarpen wall shelf attached to an Ekby Riset bracket. These brackets can adjust to any wall slope. Buy from Ikea for $24.99. Let me know if you found an alternative!

My last angle wall storage solution are from Ikea Grundtal kitchen series. Instead of storing knives and spoons, I attached this  80 cm Grundtal stainless steel rail for $9.99 to the wall.

Then I hooked six small white Grundtal containers to hold my least used makeup brushes and craft tools for $9.99 each. I took the tops off the containers for my brushes to fit. There are so many things you can store in these buckets.  Try storing eyeliners, lipsticks, school supplies, plants, and tissues.

2. Create Space with Mirrors

I added 3 Vikedal Door Mirrors to give the illusion of a bigger room for $30 each. I prices went up to $40 recently. It was easy to assemble the hinges. The door handle can be place anywhere to your liking. 

The cabinet lights were screwed on top of the pax wardrobe system as the focal point of the room. This was not available online so try shopping at an Ikea store. I was desperate for these lighting that I paid way more on Amazon to save the long trip to Ikea. I'm sure you can find cheap alternatives at the hardware store. It was worth it to see the soft glow illuminating my makeup area. This gives a custom touch.

I spray painted my old full length black mirror to a white frame as a mini update.

3. Maximize Storage Space with Height

In the center, I have this beautiful window for additional light but I couldn't fit all of my makeup on top and inside my old vanity desk like at our past home.

Before room makeover:

I decided to go for a wardrobe bookcase style to maximize my storage space using the Ikea Pax wardrobe. I had to sacrifice the window view for extra storage space. I'm happy with this decision!

I measure the height and width of this window nook and created my own Pax System using this site. You can also order ones that are pre-made like these. I create two frames and was able to stay on a budget. Basically, it looked like a bare bookcase. 

I made a larger frame for my built in vanity. It's a great solution to have a faux wall to install a vanity mirror on since I couldn't place one on the original window.

As my makeup collection grows, I can always add more drawers later on. I like that I can chose different shelves from the Komplement storage system to rearrange my Pax frame in the future.

The cost of my add-ons:

You can leave it expose or add doors to cover up the Pax units. This is how it looks without doors while my fiancé and I were building this:

4. Vanity Lights

I do own the wonderful "Broadway" Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror. It was a great solution back then but the price isn't on the affordable side. 

I ended up painted the Micke desk and vanity mirror white later on. This will eventually be moved to our bedroom where I can apply my night skin care products before bed. I can't wait to show your our bedroom tour!

The mirror itself cost almost the same as my custom made Pax system. I ended up making my own vanity lighted mirror. Have you seen my tutorial? [Click here]

I installed the frameless mirror with two packs of large picture hanging strips and plastic mirror clips on the bottom.

5. DIY Dividers

- Fabric is optional

I used the tools listed above to make my ouwn dividers. First, measure the depth and length of the drawers and use a ruler to sketch out different rectangle shapes to cut. These help keep make makeup organized and I can adjust to sizes to make all of my products fit well. It's inexpensive to do and it takes a few hours to accomplish this project. Adding fabric gives it a polish look and hides the foam board cutting seams. 

How this looks without gluing fabric over foam board pieces:

My foundation and skincare items organized in this Komplement glass front drawer:

On top of my glass shelf, I hung my DIY Wall Art and displayed some perfumes, flowers, candles, and necklace display holder.

DIY divider with fabric in the Komplement Drawer. This drawer is huge! 

I can store my large makeup palettes, eyelashes, and random beauty hauls neatly. These DIY dividers are covered in fabric which took forever to do. The fabric gives a more polished built in look but I didn't mine the bare look in my foundation drawer. 

6. Acrylic Storage

- Expedit or Kallax

Vanity time! Up top on my shelf, I keep my go-to makeup palettes lined together using my DIY bookends I made awhile back. [Tutorial here]

When I do my makeup, I end up making a mess on my table top so using a glass shelf is the solution I use for easy clean ups without the makeup stains. I used to have a white desk and it was difficult to remove the stains out so lesson learned!!!

I add another plain Komplement shelf big enough to fit two large clear photo frames. These frames are great to see makeup that I reach for often and a reminder to use new things I recently picked up. 

Inside the large photo frame, I place an acrylic storage container from the Container Store to keep my brushes and small items sectioned off. 

I used a 8 1/2 x 11 clear photo frame to display some of my perfume samples and jewelry. I like changing up the colorful print using scrapbook paper to line my DIY Lucite tray. 

How I store most of my blushes, bronzers, and powders:

In my past vanity, I was using this Rubbermaid drawer as an alternative to the makeup cube. It holds a lot of makeup products but I didn't need it anymore so I recycle some of the containers.

I place these storage drawers into my Kallax shelving cube unit. To my surprise, it was a perfect fit!

FYI, Ikea discounted the expedite collection but it's pretty much the same measurements as the Kallax.

ByAlegory sells colorful acrylic storage for compacts, lipsticks, lipglosses, and eyeshadow pots
The compacts can only hold compacts like MAC Mineralized Skin Finish but not the big foundation compacts.

In the back of the glass shelf drawer, I used muji acrylic drawers to store things so I can easily see and grab when getting ready. I was thrilled muji shipped to the US and arrived within less than a week. None of my drawers were broken because they filled the shipping box with peanut foam and wrapped each drawer with bubble wrap. I'm happy with their customer service!

I use the muji drawers to hold majority of my makeup. I have two large spaces to add drawers in the future. For now, six of the muji 5-drawers holds everything on display. 

I took the lid off of the 2-drawer from muji so my face primers can stand upright into my vanity drawer.

7. Clean Storage Look

One of the ikea drawers that arrived came with a missing wood piece. I called to get my refund since I ended up using a stackable white tray and cheap Target bins to achieve a seamless clean look.

The bins worked out great to hold my dirty makeup brushes and all of my hair products. I placed two bins back to back. I found them at the dollar zone in Target.

Comment below your thoughts and ideas on makeup storage =)

Just in case I get asked what I was wearing:

Crop Top [here], Shorts [here], Incoco Tribal Nail Strips [here]


  1. This is great Lisa! Excellent job! You are very meticulous! I understand why it took you so long to finish your room! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. It took me longer than expected because I changed my mine so much. I even bought a malm vanity table but ended up using it as a office desk in my bedroom. The longest wait for ordering the mirror doors because they were sold out online. I was not motivated to rent a truck and drive hours to the closest Ikea for 3 door mirrors LOL

  2. Good Job! I am in love with your vanity!

    1. BTW, thanks for the informative post!!!


  4. This room is amazing!! Random question for you though...the silk peonies in your pax wardrobe...are they light pink? I'm trying to figure out which one to get from the Amazon link.

    1. They are white with a touch of pink. You can find them at Walmart or the craft store too :) Thank you!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Lisa! I must know… where did you get the pastel tassels that hang above your window??

  7. Hi Lisa
    I was wondering if you're close enough to see up close in the mirror and how comfortable is it to sit at your vanity? Do your knees bump up against the vanity?
    Love all your videos!

    1. I eventually ordered the Komplement tray that slides out to my go to makeup and makes it easy to set comfy. It was sold out at the time of purchase. The only disadvantage is that the vanity mirror seems far away but I use a closet mirror to detail work always. I'm happy with the design and will post an update ;)

  8. Thanks. I'm in the planning process for mine and thought that may be a problem. I'm doing pretty much the same layout but only getting the big frame. I was thinking of attaching a mirror on the of the door but thinking about leaving it exposed. I don't know. I need to figure the mirror part out. Can't wait for the update and thanks again.

  9. I love your organizing ideas, it's really inspire me to organize my room .. thank you for sharing <3

  10. How do you customize door for it? Also is it anchored into the wall? (can you move it if you move?)

    1. It's like a bookcase so yes, It's movable. I have it place in my window nook. As for the doors, if you go the the ikea link and design the pax wardrobe, they give door options. You can also buy ikea pax system already made on ikea. I have the link in the blog =)

  11. Hi Lisa, I'm in love with your Vanity space, very creative.
    i was wondering did the Ribba Picture Ledges ,Ekby Jarpen with Ekby Risets and Grundtal Rail come with screws to fix int into the wall or did you have to purchase them separately.

  12. Lisa, where did you purchase the tassels???

  13. I am completely in love with this whole set up!!!

  14. omg your room is my dream room! its beautiful!

  15. Best of the best I have ever found on 'YouTube' the photo's and all the information you have given is EXCELLENT you're brilliant.

  16. Hi Lisa love your ideas, well done. I am in the process of organising mine too.... quick question where did you get the high chair from, that's ideal for doing make up I guess !

  17. i wish if u can help me to do the DIY in my room too :)

  18. i wish if u can help me to do the DIY in my room too :)

  19. This is gorgeous !!! Do the Acrylic Drawers, you have bought from MUJI, would they be able to fit Naked , & Too Faced palettes in them ? Thanks in advance !!

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  23. Best Ever!!! Thank you so much; this was extremely helpful!
    FYI, your room looks amazing.

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