How I Save Online with Shoptagr

I'm getting all giddy thinking about wrapping presents, furnishing my home, and finding cute outfits to wear for the upcoming holidays because of Shoptagr. It's for fashionistas that are obsessed with online shopping while saving money. I hate it when I purchase something and weeks later it's on sale!!!! Well, Shoptagr solves that dilemma and it's easy to use. Watch how you can get sales alerts on your wish list for less [here].

I can browse my favorite shopping sites. The downside, They are not partnered to every site but they have a lot of my favorites from ASOS, Zara, and, Barney's.  Once I find my must-haves, all I have to do is tag it onto my wish list. When the prices drop and the size and color I want is available, Shoptagr notifies me via email or by push notification! It's an adrenaline rush when I get sale alerts. I'm happy that I can be a smart shopper thanks to this nifty web tool to order things I want without going over my budget.

Have you tried it? Join for free and earn money by inviting friends who love to haul!


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