Favs & Not: Beauty & Tea

Hello Beauty,

It's been almost a year since I have done a favorites and dislike video. I had so much fun chatting my thoughts with you that this will be a monthly series. For October, what products should I try next?

This month, one of my favorite skin care products that saved my combination and acne prone skin is this L'occitane Divine Youth Oil. This was sent to me and thank you L'occitane for sponsoring my latest "Favorite's and Not" video.

Its been over 6 weeks of loving my skin improve it's texture, tonicity, and radiance. This product is an expensive investment so take advantage of the complimentary sample at your local L'occitane boutique from September 10th to October 1st while supplies last.

This oil is a mixture of anti-aging oils and their pride and joy essential oil from the Immortelle plant to improve wrinkles and get smooth looking skin. It's a small bottle with a dropper that is contains one fluid ounce of oil. I think this will last me for about four months. I have tried a lot of oils for my skin and nothing beats this so far.

For now, it's my holy grail that I added to my skin care routine twice a day. This had prevented my skin from becoming dry form my use of acne products to treat my hormonal acne. I will keep you updated on my acne routine once my skin is completely cleared up!

What's your favorite face oil?


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