Spring Floral Monogram Marquee

From my last light tutorial, DIY Wall Light Canvas, I had some left over string lights. I went to the craft store and picked up some artificial flowers and a paper mache letter for a touch of spring into my craft area as decoration to my bare white shelf. My ceiling is on an angle so I went with an 8 inch paper machete letter "P" initial.

This is probably the easiest project I have ever done so hopefully you will attempt it. If you do, send me a photo on instagram and tag me with #LisaPullanoDIY for shout-outs.

This is what I used to create my floral monogram marquee.


DIY Glitter Cup

I'm a glitter girl. In a glitter world, Beauties.  Here is project using my favorite material! Have you seen my past glitzy tutorials?

                         Holiday Pumpkin:                                             Chevron Jewelry Tray:

1. To begin, find design that you want to use glitter up! I google image bow and lips and copy to Adobe Photoshop Element. You can do this on Word document. Make sure your template fit your mug.


On The Haul: SexyDresses.com, L'Occitane, Sheinisde... etc

Hi Beauties,

I bought a new camera lens and microphone! I had test these babies out by filming a talking video to see how it looks. Let me know what you think of the sound and video quality? Today's video is about new things I discovered and announcements.

Watch here:


♡My Office Essentials + Frends Headphone Giveaway♡

I'm working on unpacking my office into my bedroom and studio. Of course, you know that I'm decorating my offices to be completely different from my old office! I wanted to share my daily work essentials to keep me focus, organized, and creative. Keep reading on how to win one of my must-haves!


DIY Wall Art Light/Lamp

Last week, I mentioned that decorating has been on my mind since I made the display box case. This project is all about lights and you will see another one coming soon!

First, I am obsessed with bows and the current "word" trend on shirts, pillows, and wall art so I decided to fill up my blank wall with one and make it functional into a "faux" lamp. It's by far my favorite project because the glow of work I made captivated me. I use this as my editing light since I'm a night owl and it saves desk space from buying another desk lamp. Tutorial Here --->

This wall art took a few hours to make and I defintely had my audible book at on while filming this tutorial. It's the only time I can listen in peace since physically reading a book would take me forever to finish with my busy schedule. I listen to about 5 books a month. Join me on Audible.com at http://audible.com/beautysplurge for a free audible book download and 30-day trial membership.