It's December with Twitter Moments

December is here and it’s my favorite month of the year! What’s your favorite month? I can’t believe time flew by this year and I felt like I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to do before the year 2016 comes along.

Right now, I am ready for the Holiday season to go bananas decorating and sharing my joy with others. I was inspired from reading one of the Twitter’s Moments feed called “It’s December, already.” The topic caught my eye in the entertainment section of Moments. The layout is like a digital magazine so I can scroll to what intrigues me the most from the best of Twitter.

Swiping through the article, the story unfolded with festive images, GIFs, and videos that gave me loads of laughter and inspirations to get ready for this season. It’s nice to see everyone getting into the spirit by wearing festive holiday clothing and listening to Jimmy Fallon’s creative tunes.

Reading these Tweets reminds me to wear one of my favorite outfits that I need to find in my closet. We finally settled into our new home and it’s the first time for me to actually put up a tree. I’m excited about that because this moment on Twitter made me think about my mom decorating the tree. Christmas was her favorite holiday and I want to continue on that tradition getting friends and family together for a Holiday Party and giving back.

The images that people share on Twitter are funny and heart warming to bring out our festive style, party ideas, and decorating our home with twinkly lights. I love seeing how others display their holiday spirit. I wouldn’t be able to locate this on the old Twitter layout unless I follow everyone from celebrities to influential people. There are too many accounts to keep up with.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Twitter through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Twitter all opinions are my own.


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